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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 17:43:24 UTC
Subject: Marine Rape (M/M/M)
The story below depicts fictional characters engaging in non-consensual
male/male/male sex. If you're below 18 or find this kind of stuff
offensive stop reading it NOW!Let me make it clear that these events are purely the product of magazine fashion preteens my
imagination, BUT if you happened to be travelling in San Diego and
ran into a couple of jarines, who just happened to have their way with
you, send me a note...I'll be glad to give you the whole story if you're
out there somewhere.Marine Rape preteenz modell (M/M/M)I was a 22-year filipino preteen model old straight out of
college and I had just gotten a research
job with a consumer products company.
One of my first assignments was to attend
a convention in San preteen porno videos Diego. I might
preface this story with the fact that I
was happily married; Michelle and I had
married only three months earlier. I was
very preteen beach model happy with my life and my job and
really looking forward gay preteen stud
to a week on preteens free fotos
left coast.
Well, I really misunderstood how lonely
travelling can be. The first couple days
were OK. I ran into some of the
competition and spent nice preteen top the first two
nights with them at dinner. That was
actually kind of fun. My job was to just
look around and ask questions at the
booths. I was supposed to write a report
on the convention and the market. Well,
that was fun for the first two hours.
The rest of the time was just plain
boring. My friends at the competition
actually went back east on Tuesday and I
was left there until my flight home on
Saturday morning.
Wednesday night I ate by myself and went
to bed early. Thursday night, I watched
one of the soft porn flicks, which was
good, cause I was starting to get pretty
horny. By Friday night, I had wrapped up
the report. I called my wife and spent
a good while talking lovey-dovey preteen no nude to her.
We hung up at 8pm and little preteen love
I was not about to
go straight to bed again. Instead I
thought I'd go downstairs to the hotel
bar for a drink. Now, keep in mind, I
had promised myself beforehand I wouldn't
turn into one of those polyester lounge
lizards hanging out at the hotel bar. I
was determined never to set foot in the
hotel bar, but I had no idea how bring
solo travel gratis preteens sex could be.
I changed into a pair of jeans and took
the elevator to the second floor, where
the sports bar was located. I walked in
and easily found a good spot at the bar.
I ordered a Guiness and a paper cup. preteen corsets pics I
downed preteen young blowjob the too-cold Guiness and ordered
another one. Meanwhile I put a pinch of
Skoal in so that I had something to do
while my second Guiness warmed up. The
paper cup was to spit into. That was
when I noticed a pair of guys, obviously
military, hanging out at a table right
beside me. I watched the ballgame,
Phillies were down by pre teen topless two, what's new?
Occassionally the pair of military guys
caught my eye; they seemed to be looking
my sexy preteen pantyhose direction every time I looked over.
I asked the bartender for the bar darts,
grabbed my stout and headed to the dart
board. I was preteen bbs fozya just goofing around.
Trying to get all 20's, then 19's...kinda
solo cricket I suppose.
Then I noticed that one of the military
guys was walking toward me with beasty pre teen
set of darts. "Wanna Play for real?" he
"Sure," I preteenes free
said, "but I'm warning you I'm
not that good."
"Neither am I, " he smirked. "My name's
Bruce by the way." Well, teen preteen sex
Bruce preteen modles was
certainly a handsome preteens illegal sites guy. Now I'm not
queer, but I know a handsome guy when I
see one. Bruce hxxp nude preteen couldn't have been 21,
probably 19. He was built, had to be 220
pounds, but he was six-three so he didn't
look at all out of proportion.
"Name's Jim." We shook hands and started
shooting darts. Bruce was right; he
wasn't that good. Just before I wrapped
the game up, I underground preteens naked noticed the other one on
his way over with three beers and a stack
of paper cups.
"I get the winner, preteen fullnude pics he said as soon as he
was within earshot. I shot the last dart
and turned around.
"That would be me. My name's Jim."
"Mike," he said waving the beer up boys model preteen
down like he was shaking my hand. Then he
thrust the beer into my hand."
"Thanks," I real preteens sex muttered.
"No luck, Mike?" Bruce asked.
"Nah, stupid bitch wouldn't give me time
of day. Took the drink and went over to
those fags over against the wall."
"Did I tell ya or what?" Bruce asked.
Now Mike was not as handsome as Bruce.
Bruce was a Teutonic warrior, buzz cut
blonde hair, bright blue eyes, square-cut
jaw. Mike was significantly shorter,
about my height, five-eight and he had
medium brown hair and brown eyes. He had
nice teeth. I always admire nice teeth,
but young preteen smoking other than that I can see why the
gorgeous chick he was hitting on wasn't
"Man, I gotta get me some soon," Mike
said cute preteen xx
as he started throwing darts.
"Yeah, I hear ya," preteen pic forums Bruce said, scanning
the room for candidates.
"You two just get out for the weekend?"
I asked.
Bruce replied, "First time we've been off
base in over ten weeks."
I winced, "Man, that's gotta preteen ebony be usenet preteen pic
Mike smirked, "It's pretty bad, but we're
marines. We can handle anything." The
two looked at each other and grunted real
loud. It was actually kind of
frightening, but I can tell preteens nude ls
the other
patrons have heard it way too often to be
Well, we spent the rest of the night
shooting darts, scoping out the bar and
drinking beer. About 11pm. Mike looked
up from the table and said, "Man, we
ain't top preteen thongs gonna find anything here. Let's
just pick up a hooker. I got fifty
bucks." Bruce looked over at me and
said, nudist preteen nymphs "Whaddya say, Jimbo, you in?"
I looked over at Bruce in a kind of
startled way, "No, man, I'm married."
Mike smirked, "So am I. What's your
point? You need it, she ain't here.
It's not like you gotta fall in love or
anything. Just bang the bitch."
Bruce started preteen sex doll laughing at that. "I'll
tell you what, let's go upstairs and call
a chick. If she's not what you're
looking for, you can just leave. If she
is, hey we ain't gonna tell nonnude preteen art nobody."
"OK," I muttered. I wanted to go to bed
anyways, but these guys were fun. I
figured I could go upstairs, drink
another beer. When the hooker showed up,
I could easily naturals preteens
excuse myself and go to
bed. Before I knew it, we were heading
upstairs in the elevator.
When we got into the room, Bruce opened
up his black daytimer and dialed a
number. He hung up an the phone rang
back in a minute. They had decided they
wanted a blonde, big tits and there were
gonna be three guys. "Ok, One hundred
fifty bucks. No problem. Half-an-hour."
He hung up the phone and pulled a six
pack out rough sex preteen of the brown paper bag, we had
brought upstairs. They entertained me
telling me wild stories about the
training camp they just topless preteen panties completed. After
about half an hour, Bruce was getting
visibly itchy. His dick was real hard,
bulging against the baggy blue jeans he
had on. Mike was the same way. I wanted
to go to bed and jerk off cause I was
getting kind of horny, too, preteen pedo video
although I
knew I wouldn't fuck a prostitute.
We kept talking for another half hour.
Finally Mike said, " she ain't coming.
Goddamn preteens bras it! Man I gotta get off bad and
I'm tired of jerking preteen getting fucked it off."
Bruce stood up, his dick ever more
obvious. "I guess she's swedish preteen nubiles not. Want me to
call again?"
"I don't think I can wait another half
hour," Mike said and started unzipping
his pants. "I need some relief now!"
I wasn't sure what to do. I knew Mike
was kiss preteen
gonna pull his dick out and start
jerking it off. I was kind of fascinated
that he was so horny nn preteen boys
but I didn't really
want to watch. preteen alexia
preteen hazel sex Meanwhile Bruce was
rubbing himslef through his pants.
Bruce looked over at Mike. "Maybe Jimbo
would like to preteen digest cp
help us out."
I smiled, "Nice try. preteen chillporn But no cigar. I'm
not into that kind of stuff."
About that time, Bruce was standing
behind me and put art modeling preteen his hands on my
shoulders. "I think we can change your
mind about that, he said and grabbed the
back of my shirt, pulling me handily to
my feet.
"No, I'm serious guys. I really don't
like that kind of stuff. You're nice
guys and all. It's been fun partying
with you, but I think jpeg youngest preteen it's time for me to
I started to the door when Bruce pulled
some kind of wreslting move on me and had
me pinned tight to the preteen contest nudist floor, the inside
of his elbow covering my mouth and his
full 220 pounds preteen cp mpeg on top of me. That's hen
I realized that a) they were serious and
b) I was in trouble. There was no way I
wanted to do anything sexual with these
guys, but at the same time there was no
way I was gonna get away.
"Look, we like you. We don't want to
hurt you, but you will provide us means
to get off and get off good." Bruce said
this as he was pulling me onto my knees.
His elbow was still covering pussy small preteen
my mouth.
"We won't hurt you, just follow
directions. OK?" He asked
I was scared. preteen masterbation videotiny sex preteen I nodded yes.
"Good," Bruce replied and removed his
elbow from my mouth and held both of my
hands behind my back and mussed up my
hair with his other hand. "Now I think
you can figure out what Mike wants."
Mike preteen sex toon
was standing in front of me and
started to pull his cock out of fellatio pre teen his
underwear. He wasn't that big, but he
was rock hard, rigid. His dick knob was
purple and the precum made a long string
from his stomach to his piss slit as he
lowered his dick to my face. I was real
scared. For effect nn preteen modrls Bruce, pulled my arms
upward, very painful.
"Lick underaged preteens fucking it," Mike said softly and rested
his cock squarely on my face. I was
really scared, I started at the base and
ran my tongue up the length of his shaft.
It wasn't that bad. Mike had his hands
on the top russian art preteens of my head and was clearly in
heaven. "Now suck." It was soft almost
a whisper, but I obediently opened my
mouth and he inserted his cock. My lips
closed around it and Mike started to
moan. I could feel the precum seeping
into my mouth. It actually tasted good.
Mike's dick felt good in my mouth and I
could tell I was pleasing him right.
Bruce stood behind me making sure I
wasn't going anywhere. After a while, illegal photos preteen
became boys preteen forum obvious that preteen porno cum I wasn't. He let go
of my hands and one immediately went to
start jacking off Mike's dick. The other
around his firm blog preteen gallery ass. Mike was pounding
in and out of my mouth and I kept my
fingers encircled real preteens hardcore
around the base of his
cock to keep his dick from gagging me.
He was a madman. I could tell his balls
were drawing up and his breath was
quickening. Bruce meanwhile had shed his
pants and moved over to the bed. He was
stroking his long dick, must have been
nine inches and 3d hentai preteens thick.
Mike started moaning and I knew what was
cumming. He had both hands on my head
keeping his dick firmly planted in my
mouth. It was clear he planned on
shooting his load down my throat. I spanish preteen pussy was
scared about the idea at first, but then
I got used to it and was looking forward
to seeing what a man's cum tastes like.
Mike was pumping faster than ever. Then
all of a sudden he stopped. I didn't
taste anything at first. I thought for
a second nothing was coming out. Still
with my head clamped tight onto his dick
it started just flowing out, more preteen pron free like a
hose, than squirting.I was swallowing for
all I was worth, but there was so much
cum, I had to let my magic angels preteens jaw drop open and
let the excess run down petite little preteens
my chin. Mike
pulled out and sat down on the bed next to Bruce.
"Good mouth?" Bruce asked.
"Great," thumbs preteen free Mike murmered and breathed
I didn't know what to do. I had cum
running down my chin and I knew Bruce
wanted the same treatment Mike preteen virgins free got.
Bruce slid back on the bed and looked at
me. "Get up here. I'm preteen twin models next." I
obediently kneeled on the bed, so my
mouth was right over Bruce's cock.
Mike was breathing real deeply, but youngest preteen incest was
still hard met art preteens
as a rock. Mike said, "Hold
on a minute and scraped the cum off my
chin. Then he walked around to the back
of me. I never considered that they
might want to fuck my ass. I started to
get up and Bruce just grabbed my hair.
I knew preteen girl bathing getting fucked would hurt, but
what choice did I have. Mike smeared the
cum on his dick and spit onto my asshole.
He started by inserting a finger, which
didn't feel all that bad. In fact, I
kind of liked it. Meanwhile I had
Bruce's dick in my mouth and he was
pushing my head down on his dick, ever
further. Then I felt Mike's stiff
cockhead at my butthole.
"Push out, like you're taking a shit," he
said. I pushed and within a second he
was deep inside my ass. young preteens pictures To be truthful,
it summer preteen model
only hurt a little bit. He stayed
still a little bit and it began to feel
good. Then he began pumping in and out,
fast and amazing preteen nude
hard. I loved it. I could feel
my hd preteen models
own precum oozing from my rock hard
cock, smearing between me and the
blankets. preteen bald pics
The fucking and sucking went
on for a long time. I thought I was
gonna cum without even touching my dick
a couple of times.
Finally, Mike pulled out. Bruce sat up
and rolled me over on my stomach. Mike
pulled my legs up in the air and his bbs preteens nude
was soon back inside asian nude preteen
my ass, pounding
away. I knew it wouldn't be preteen lovely long before
he shot another load. Meanhile, Bruce
was on all fours on preteen tranny top of me. He
dangled his dick into my mouth and
started humping in and out. Then he
swooped down preteen blowjobs porno
and pulled my cock into preteen gallery pedo
mouthin one felll swoop. I almost came
on the spot. Whatever I did, I wouldn't
be able preteen boys sucking to hold off long. Both Marines
were pumping about as fast as they could.
Bruce's suction on my dick was almost
more than I could take. I was cumming.
I thought I would black out, when I
started shooting my load straight into
Bruce's mouth. I could feel Mike's cum
filling my ass sex preteen mpeg with warmth. Then Bruce
came, flooding my mouth with even more
cum than Mike. I didn't waste a drop of
his though.
The next thing I knew, we were all three
laying naked on the hotel bed and I had
fallen asleep for a second. I woke up
with a start and Bruce was pulling covers
over all three of us. ebony preteen porn He picked up preteen angel gallery the
phone, "What time you need up, dude?"
"At least by six," I said. Bruce left a
wake up call and turned off the y preteen models light.
Mike rolled over and put his leg on top
of mine, but he was soundly asleep. The
next thing I knew the phone was ringing
and it was six. Both Mike and Bruce were
up. Mike was just getting out of the
shower. I preteen pussy photo didn't know what to say. I
got dressed and headed to the door.
"Later, guys," I said meekly. Mike
jumped from the bathroom. He pulled me
to him and shoved his cutest preteen tits tongue down my
throat. Bruce just gave me a kiss on the
lips and a slap young preteens thumbs on the ass. Then I
walked out young preteen nymphet
the door. I almost wanted to
go back and give them my business card,
but I knew I'd web nude preteen never see them again. The
whole trip home, I dreamed of that
encounter. I pretended my wife was Bruce
or Mike for weeks. She never suspected
anything, but I could tell preteen amateur nn she was
excited about the great sex. Well, I've
never done anything like it since and I'm
real careful who I talk to at the hotel
bars. But I hope someday, somehow I run
into preteen nudist picture one of those guys again.

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